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Reduce Clutter on Webpages

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Reduce Clutter on Webpages (and more!) with Readability







  • Install add-on in your browser and use Readability to reduce clutter from webpages for reading digitally, online or offline


    • Read the webpage online minus the distracting clutter of graphics and ads

    • Create a pdf version of the uncluttered page with a virtual pdf printer (eg. PDFCreator)

    • Use the KESI virtual printer to open the page in Kurzweil 3000 or Kurzweil 1000

    • Save a decluttered article to read later--on Kindle, iOS device, Android Device

    • To install simply go to Readability, sign up for free account, click on 'Download Now' button

    • iOS app available from App Store, and Android app available from Google Play 







  • Install add-on in your browser and use printfriendly to reduce clutter from web pages for printing to paper 


    • If paper copy is required, Printfriendly offers greater flexibility in terms of removing images or other items on a web page.
    • Printfriendly will also create PDF's of reformatted page for digital use. 
    • Available as bookmarklet, or as extension for Google Chrome 

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