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[Scroll down for Table of Contents to information about resources.]





Supporting Learning Diversity with Free Digital Resources




Joe's Non-Netbook


Digital Technology, especially Digital Text, changes EVERYTHING!!!





[Click this link for more--on a resource wiki with a different format]



What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? 

(Basic Introductory Overview in Multiple Formats)


UDL as Framework for Differentiated Learning

(Presentations by Kathy Howery -- May 2012)


Toolbelt Theory (Ira Socol)


Free Tools To Support Reading and Writing


Enhancements for Microsoft Word


Accessibility in Windows 7


Firefox Web Browser Add-ons that Facilitate Access and Learning


Google Chrome Add-ons that Facilitate Access and Learning


Google Chrome on a Flash Drive--with Accessibility Add-ons (Windows)


Free Online Text-to-Speech


PowerTalk for PowerPoint


Using PowerTalk with Tar Heel Reader -- Books for Beginning Readers of All Ages


Natural Reader


Accessibility Features in Adobe Reader


Reduce Clutter on Webpages:  Readability, TidyRead, Print Friendly 


Ghotit--Spell Checking with Text-to-Speech (Online and in MS Word)


Access Apps -- Free Portable Applications on a Flash Drive to Enhance Access


MyStudyBar -- Toolbar of Learning Tools that will Run on Any PC


Digital Storytelling & Multimedia Presentation

Digital Storytelling & Multimedia Presentation -- Online Options















Digital Storytelling & Multimedia Presentation 'Offline' with Photo Story 3


Digital Storytelling Articles and Tutorials by Silvia Tolisano


PhotoStory 3,   Windows Movie Maker,   Google Maps,   VoiceThread,   Mixbook

Resources for Multimedia Presentation






Special Free Software that Motivates and Facilitates Engagement & Creativity




Blogs, Wikis and Docs


Blogs, Wikis, Docs: A Comparison Table  (from Mark Wagner)


Blogs -- for Motivation and Ownership of Learning


Wikis: Versatile Multi-Purpose Classroom Tools for Learners and Teachers


Google Docs


Wiki Pages Waiting to be Fleshed Out...


Free Online Tools that Support Learning


Free Downloadable Software that Facilitates Access


Engaging Websites that Support Curriculum


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