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Firefox Web Browser Add-ons

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Firefox Web Browser Add-ons


Mozilla Firefox is a widely uused web browser that serves as an alternative to Internet Explorer.  The code for Firefox is open source, so any developer can create an add-on for Firefox to make it more accessible or for use as a learning tool.  A significant number of free add-ons are available to be added to Firefox web browser that facilitate web access and learning.


NOTE: Some add-ons may not work with the latest version of Firefox (currently Firefox 5.0).  Older versions of Firefox are available for download at OldApps.com.  Most add-ons work with Firefox 3.6.18.



Access Firefox: Because the Internet is for Everyone


  • A website focused on the accessibility options built into Firefox. 
  • Extensive catalogue of Firefox add-ons and themes that can make web browsing more accessible.
  • Helpful general information on using Firefox, installing add-ons, etc.



MITS Collection of Firefox Add-ons by Ira Socol


  • to make your browser accessible to virtually all students
  • for Firefox installed on a PC (Windows)




MITS Mac Collection of Firefox Add-ons by Ira Socol  


  • to make your browser accessible to virtually all students
  •  for Firefox installed on a Mac




Some Examples of Firefox Add-ons that Facilitate Access





  • Page Zoom Buttons (Set of toolbar buttons to control size of font and images on web pages)






  • Answers.com (Alt-Click on any word to find definition and pronunciation)



  • Hyperwords (Click on any word on a web page and bring up a rich set of reference tools)


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