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Blogs for Motivation, Ownership of Learning, Assessment and More


Blogging offers an engaging way to motivate learning.  In classrooms where every learner is a blogger, learners tend to take ownership of their learning!  Here's how some of Mrs. Smith's grade 6 bloggers see it.



2 Examples of Classroom Bloggers in Canadian Classrooms



Mrs Cassidy's Classroom Blog


2 Blogging Engines Designed for Classroom Use



Class Blogmeister





What is a blog, anyway?


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Keeping Track of Blogs You Like -- Subscribing with Google Reader


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List of Class Blogs

(updated March 3, 2010)


Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios

(from Jeff Utecht)



Support Blogging (extensive list of links to educational and classroom blogs)


Edublogs Blog Directory


Don't knock blogging--it's the answer to our literacy problems



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