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Animoto is one of the easiest online presentation tools to use, and one that offers a great deal of fun.


[Scroll to the bottom of this page to view a video that shows how easy it is to create with Animoto.]


  • Upload digital photos or short video clips to Animoto website from your computer or from an online source such as Flickr or Facebook.
  • Arrange pictures in desired order.
  • Select music from Animoto website or upload from your computer. 
  • Animoto creates an animated video and determines transitions according to musical accompaniment. 
  • Individual images can be highlighted.
  • Text may be added.
  • Audio narration is possible only if narration is mixed with music in a sound editor such as Audacity before uploading to Animoto.
  • Animoto videos can be embedded on blogs, wikis, and other web pages.
  • Can upload Animoto videos directly to Youtube from within Animoto.
  • Short (30 second) Animoto videos are free.
  • Longer videos require paid subscription and can be downloaded to your computer.


  • Paid Animoto services are available for free to educators for use with learners.







How to Create an Animoto Video






Animoto Examples:





Fractal Animoto Remix














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