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Google Chrome on a Flash Drive--with Accessibility Add-ons (Windows)

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Google Chrome on a Flash Drive--for Accessibility Anywhere!



The Google Chrome Browser is one of a large number of programs available in a “portable” version that can be downloaded, loaded on a USB flash drive and then run directly from the flash drive. This means that Chrome can be run on computers in libraries and schools, or on computers at work sites, where Google’s browser would not otherwise be available.


Running Chrome from a USB flash drive also means that the person who needs text-to-speech, voice recognition, support for low vision, or any one of the other many tools available for Chrome, can use these tools wherever he or she needs to go online. The browser extensions can be added to Chrome after it has been loaded on the flash drive, and these add-ins are then available whenever the flash drive is inserted and Chrome is opened.


Here’s how to set up Chrome on a flash drive:





  • Double-click on the icon, and follow the onscreen prompts to install.


  • When asked to ‘Choose Install Location’, there must be a USB flash drive in one of your computer’s USB ports, and you must choose this as the location.


  • After completing the installation, you will find this folder on your flash drive 


  • Open this folder and one of the files in it will be GoogleChromePortable.exe




  • GoogleChrome.exe is the file that must be opened whenever you wish to run Google Chrome from the flash drive.


  • Once Chrome has been opened, you can install whatever extensions or apps you need, and these will then be available whenever the browser is run from the flash drive.


Click this link for recommended Google Chrome Extensions 


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