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Google Chrome Add-ons that Facilitate Access and Learning

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Accessible Web Browsing with Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a powerful alternative to Internet Explorer or Firefox.  As is the case with Firefox, the code for Google Chrome is open source.  This means that any developer can create add-ons for Chrome.  As a result, there is a growing number of add-ons that do make web browsing more accessible for individuals who benefit from additional supports.  There are countless other Chrome 'apps' and 'extensions' that offer individuals flexibility in approaching their learning tasks.   




Extensions and apps are available from the Chrome Web Store.  The two videos below show how to find and install these add-ons. Several especially helpful add-ons are listed and linked below the videos.


Chrome Web Store -- What is an extension?


Chrome Web Store -- What is an app?


1.  Speakit! for text-to-speech in Google Chrome



2.  Voice Search for online searching with Speech Recognition



3.  Speech Recognizer for online and offline Speech Recognition



4.  Readability Redux for reducing clutter and making web-pages more readable.



5. Google Dictionary for quick definition of any word or term online

    (works with Speakit for text to speech) 



6.  ChromeVis to magnify text and adjust color/contrast on web-pages



ChromeVis User Manual  



7.  GeoGebra for versatile mathematical exploration, modelling, and manipulating



8. ChromeVox screenreader for blind and low vision Internet access




9. Daum Equation Editor for math symbols and notation, with adjustable font size and contrast

     (can be used off-line, and work can be copied and pasted elsewhere) 



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